Device Protection Plan

As part of the 1:1 technology initiative, a student fee of $25 will be added annually to inTouch to enroll in the Device Protection Plan (DPP). Annual enrollment in the plan will minimize the potential repair and/or replacement fees associated with the device. The Device Protection Plan does not begin until the fee is paid through inTouch in Infinite Campus.  The fee must be paid by the due date (September 1, 2023) in order to be enrolled in the plan.  Click here for instructions to pay the fee in Infinite Campus

Intentional damage to any device is not covered under the plan. Replacement cords or lost devices are not covered under the plan.

Students renewing their annual DPP will have continued coverage as long as the payment is made during the first month of each school year

Students adding the DPP for the first time, will need to have their device inspected and enrollment in the DPP does not begin until the fee payment has been received.  

There will be no refunds given on DPP purchase if a student leaves CUSD or upon graduation. The fee is not prorated for any reason.

What is covered under the plan?

Each school year the DPP fee will be added to the student account during the first month of school. If the fee is not paid during the first month it is implied that the family is opting out of the annual DPP coverage, and the fee will be removed from the student account. 

You may enroll in the Protection Plan any time during the year after an inspection of the device at the Tech Center. 

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