Click on the issue that you are experiencing for help. 

First Time Start Up (New and Previously Used CUSD Devices)

Follow these steps when you first start up your device after receiving it.

Blank Screen

My device does not turn on. There are no lights on the side (some models) and the screen is dark.

No Internet Connection

I have not logged in and the WIFI is not connected.

4. Enter your GSE password. This is your GSE (Google Suite for Education) password you use to log in to Google Classroom, Clever, and sync with Chrome. If you don't know your password or it's not working, contact your teacher or the Tech Center.

I have already logged in, but the Internet connection stopped working.

The Internet is not working.

If the device is connected but you still can't access to Internet, there could be an outage at your site or location. Notify a staff member or check with your provider.

Logging Into the Chromebook

I can't log into the device.

I know my password, but my username isn't working.

I know my username, but I forgot my password.

Contact the Tech Center or your teacher to reset your password.

I get an error message.

Visit the Tech Center.


I'm trying to use the camera, but I see a blank screen.


I can't hear anything from the speakers or headphones.

I can't hear anything from my headphones.


My microphone isn't working.

My microphone isn't working in Chrome.


An application or software program I am using is not working.


I'm using Google Chrome and a website is not loading properly. 

1. Clear the browser history and cache.

2. Be sure the device is updated. CUSD Chromebook devices should be automatically updating on their own. However, it may need to be manually updated. Follow these directions to be sure your device is updated.

I think the website is being blocked. Is this website blocked by CUSD filters?


My keyboard is not typing the correct keys. 

Automatic Google Sign-Out

Are you automatically getting kicked out of your Google account?

Open Chrome --> select the three dots (snowman) in the right corner --> select settings --> select About Chrome --> make sure it says Chrome is up to date --> if not update and restart device

Go to settings --> go to Privacy and Security --> select Cookies and other site data --> allow all cookies --> make sure the Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome is disabled --> restart Chrome

*Note: CUSD Google Accounts are set to require you to enter your password every 24 hours. So, you may be asked to enter your password while you are working if it has been 24 hours since you logged in the previous day.

If you are still experiencing trouble, visit the Tech Center.