Students and parents must sign the CUSD Student Loan Device Agreement to acknowledge they have read the policy and understand their responsibility, including its regulation, and understand that violation of this policy will result in a loss of privileges and further disciplinary action taken by the school’s administration.

Proper use and care of your student device is essential. This includes caring for the power cord.
Please follow these guidelines:

At all times

  • Follow the Student Responsibilities

  • Protect your device from damage due to food or liquids

  • Protect your device from extreme heat or cold

  • Do not place items on top of your device.

At school

  • Do not leave your device unattended.

  • Secure your device properly in your bag or backpack when not in use.

  • Keep your power cord with you.

At home

  • Charge your device every night. Students are expected to come to school with a fully charged device.

  • Store your power cord with your device.

  • Do not leave your device unattended where it could be accidentally damaged by food, liquids, pets or small children.

Traveling to and from school

  • Do not leave your device in a vehicle or on the school bus.

  • In public, keep your device out of view.

  • Secure your device properly in your bag or backpack while traveling.

Device care

  • Use a soft, dry microfiber or lint-free cloth to clean your device screen.

  • Report any issues with your device promptly to a parent, teacher or school official.

  • Do not remove the district barcode or school identification sticker from your device.

  • Do not install, uninstall or modify any application, game or operating system component without school authorization.

  • Do not deface the device exterior, including unauthorized stickers.